Handcrafted items have made a resurgence in the gift market. We are remembering what it is to celebrate the practice of handmade, artisan produced goods. In today’s society, mass production dominates the market and as such, often we see poor quality and lack of character as a norm. Let’s continue to celebrate the art of handcrafting and rekindle the passion for art and quality.

LotusArtsByJasmine is a home-based business which offers a variety of handmade gifts and greeting cards designed and created by me, Jasmine. 😊

I have a love for all things handcrafted. It is from this love that my idea of LotusArtsByJasmine was born. My goal is to provide quality-made, handcrafted items that make for lovely and thoughtful gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

In addition, I feel it is important to help others and give back whenever possible. This is why LotusArtsByJasmine donates ten percent of net proceeds to a different charity each month. Monthly charities will be posted on the LotusArtsByJasmine Facebook page.

From Origami Jewelry to Handmade Journals, LotusArtsByJasmine offers a variety of quality items that are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Shop LotusArtsByJasmine via Etsy

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