My First Craft Show

Hi all!

This past weekend I attended my FIRST EVER craft show as a vendor!

(Check out the slide show below of my table pics 🙂

First, let me say that prep for this show pretty much took over my life for the past month.  Not only did I have to create enough product so I could offer a robust inventory, but I also had to design my display booth and get all the needed supplies for that. Everything I read in prep for this show stated how important it was to have a well laid out and visually appealing display. Makes sense, right? I mean, people aren’t as likely to check out your product if your booth is boring. So, I heeded everyone’s advice and put plenty of effort into creating a booth display that was appealing, welcoming and a reflection of my brand.  I am beyond happy with the end result. I received many compliments about my table and even more about my product. So I concur with the experts in that your display should be as awesome as you can possibly make it.

In regards to the show, I had a blast!  I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. I had recruited my dear friend, Annette, to join me. The moral support she provided was priceless and I’m certain that helped to reduce the anxiety level, significantly.  I networked with some other vendors and spoke with two veteran crafters with 15+ years experience!  I also met with a woman who invited me to attend an event as a vendor on December 1st…which I have officially signed up for (Yippee!)

Moving on to the sales aspect of the event. Let’s just say that if I made a sale for each compliment I received, I would have made a killing.

Alas, I did not.

It seemed like a lot of the people where window shopping. Lots of empty handed passersby-ers wandering up and down the aisles. I managed to sell a few pairs of earrings, some greeting cards and gift card holders.

Yes, I was disappointed. I had told myself that even if I sold one thing, that it would be worth the experience. I still couldn’t help but feel disappointed. That is, until I started speaking with a few other vendors. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who didn’t make a killing in sales. One vendor didn’t make any sales and another had only one. Some of the vendors who had attended the same show the previous year, said that attendance and sales where significantly slower this year. It was reassuring that the lack of sales was likely not related to my products or display.

So all in all, my first experience as a craft show vendor was what I was hoping it would be. I learned a ton and that in itself is invaluable. The connections I made will pave the way for bigger and better business opportunities! I feel more comfortable with the basic craft show grind, now that I have experienced it first hand. I have ideas of some things that should be tweaked and feel even more confident in other aspects of my product and setup. I consider it a success!

The prep was stressful and took a lot of time and work, but was worth it all in the end. As always, my family helped me tremendously. I am certain my outcome would not have been as successful without their consistent support and encouragement. I am super lucky to have the family I do 🙂

I am excited for my upcoming event on the 1st. Hopefully it will be just as fruitful in experience gained and even more fruitful in sales made! I will be sure to let you all know!

Wish me luck!

Thank you for following my story and until next time, may you find all the joy and love you are looking for!

Happy Thanksgiving


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Such is life

I am humbled. I knew starting a business would not be an easy endeavor, but I didn’t quite expect this. Every time I make some headway, life throws an obstacle my way. Yes, obstacles are good because they build resilience, experience and enable you to grow as a human being, blah blah blah. It’s hard enough to find time for the most basic tasks without these added obstacles, forget about trying to start a home based craft business.

Raising a child is a seriously time consuming endeavor, and trying to do it correctly, well forget it…no time for anything, ever. Throw in some PRK laser vision correction (I’ll get into that nightmare in another post) and I had the perfect recipe for an unproductive summer for anything business related. Minimal progress was made with my website and I didn’t create any new product.

I allowed myself a few days to mourn my lack of productivity and then gave myself a few more days just for good measure. When I was done sulking, I put my game face on and decided that the best course of action was to re-evaluate. I tweaked my timeline and restructured my goals to reflect a more realistic approach. I’m back on social media, working on my website and designing/creating product every day. I even signed up for my first craft show! I’m excited and ready to rock and roll!

I’ll be back soon with an update!

Thanks for reading and until next time, be kind to each other and try to find the beauty in everything, including yourself. 💕

Jasmine 🌺

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