Hand-bound Journals


Each handmade journal takes about 2 hours to create, from start to finish. The book boards are cut and covered with high quality paper and archival glue to ensure longevity. The inner papers are then cut and folded by hand and holes are made in each section or “signature” of paper. The signatures are then sewed together along with the covers, to complete the journal. The sewing technique used to bound the journal is the Coptic Stitch Method. This method has been dated back to 2nd Century Egypt and creates a sturdy, yet beautiful open spine design. This method also allows the book to lie completely flat while open, removing any bumps created by closed spine books.



Tea Party Journal

This journal features brightly colored paper adorned with teapots and macaroons.


Rustic Garden Journal

Whether you’re recording your gratitude or your gripes, everyone needs a place to write their innermost thoughts. This elegant handmade journal is the perfect hiding place for the thoughts of the day, whatever they may be. This lovely diary is handmade with sturdy, high quality drawing paper folded into sections that have been sewn together and then sewn to the covers. Coptic stitch method hand binding allows the journal to lay completely flat when open - perfect for comfortable journaling! The durable covers are made with book board that I hand cut and covered with textured paper that almost feels like fabric. Trust this pretty little diary with the triumphs, tragedies, and minutia of your life. Features: Handmade Item Materials: Book board, Archival Quality Paper, High Quality Drawing Paper, Waxed Linen Thread Measurements: 7” x 5.75” Additional Notes: 112 Pages



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